Modgila Survive APK [Latest Version] v1.0.1 Download Free For Android

Are you a lover of role-playing games and want to become a hero to face your fate? If yes download the epic game Modgila Survive APK and get ready to defeat your opposite players using your mental skills. In this game, you can make a strong team of players from anywhere in the world and challenge others to win the events.

In this blog, we will shed light upon a character Haley, who needs your help to complete the mission. On the way, you have to face tough situations because of the limited resources. If you misuse your in-game items then you might face the worst consequences. Being the RPG, you have to be very smart and collect more resources by defeating your opposite players.

What is Modgila Survive APK?

It is an action game that tells the story of a person who is on a mission to ensure his survival from the outsiders. There are beautiful events, maps, locations, themes, and characters in this game. You as the role-playing hero, unlock the premium features of Modgila Survive APK. You can play the game individually as well as in a multiplayer mode.

Players can make teams accept the challenges in the Modgila online game and collect unlimited coins to unlock the premium features. If you play the original game, it will cost you money and you can not use its premium features for free. Therefore, download this updated version to use all the costumes, coins, maps, and tools just for free.

Key Features:

There are some amazing features of the Modgila Survive Game. Let us know about them here in detail.

Free Skins

It offers free skins to make them more interesting. You can use many skins just for free and make your hero attractive.


Discover amazing places, wander in the mountains, and fight supernatural creatures. Modgila is more than a game.

Multiple Languages

Choose your own languages. This game offers many languages to choose from and play the game.

Live Chat

Players can chat and talk in this game while fighting with other players. 

Game Modes

Modgila Survive APK offers you two game modes. Play the game with your friends or you can play it individually.

How to download and install?

There are some instructions to download and install Modgila Survive APK.

  1. Click the download link of Modgila
  2. Install the APK files
  3. Open the home page
  4. Tap and apply the settings
  5. Enjoy the game


Modgila Survive APK is an amazing game where you can play as a role-playing gamer and complete your mission fighting supernatural forces. Make a team and challenge opposite teams to win the battles. There are unlimited resources in the game You have to collect and enjoy the gameplay As the RPG you have to complete the missions and jump from one stage to the next. Upon completing one level stage you will be promoted to the next.

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