Lustful Spirit Hunt APK [Latest Version] v0.2.0.3 Free Download

Lustful Spirit Hunt APK is a supernatural game where you play the role of Ted and embark on a mission to catch ghosts. It is a horror game that shocks every player who thinks he is brave and could face ghosts. If you are never scared of ghost stories then accompany Taichi and Luna and explore the hunting places where you listen to crying voices but nobody is to find out.

The gameplay is full of scary places, with sudden surprises where you have to use your wits to capture the ghosts. It is an investigative ghost-hunting thrill that lets you undergo the signs of unidentified spirits. Capturing photos, making videos, and challenging the ghosts in the game is one of the thrilling moves against your enemies.

What is Lustful Spirit APK?

Lustful Spirit APK is a horror action-packed game where you go on a mission to catch unseen creatures. The game is full of scary surprises and hunting rooms where only crying voices are heard. As the lead role, you can not witness the creatures physically. Following clues, players need to collect proof and decide the characteristics of the ghosts.

The Lustful Spirit Hunt APK is developed to entertain players. It incorporates amazing visuals, graphics, and background soundtracks. The game offers thrilling figures that can terrify you through their invisible actions. Players need to be very active in the Lustful Spirit chasing the ghosts that can hunt you down in case of any little mistakes.

Key Features of Lustful Spirit APK:

Now let us discuss the key features of the Lustful Spirit horror game that will help you to understand the game.

Game storyline

It is a game where ghosts are walking in the city. People are scared of the ghosts where their lives are in danger. If we talk about the storyline of the Lustful Spirit game, it is really spellbound.

 Hunting Places

The game is full of adventures and hunting places. You can feel surprised by the game because of its thrilling characters.

Many Ghosts

The game lets you confront many ghosts your way. It has wallpapers that may provoke your basic instinct and could put you in hot waters.

User-friendly Interface

This feature enables players to control every action of the ghosts in the game. You can stop them and capture their spirit through the lenses of a camera.


The game offers many spooky places to travel in the game where you as the RPG investigate the games.  There are places where you can find the ghosts and capture their photos.

No Errors

Play the horror game LustfulSpirit Hunt in a smooth gaming environment. The app is free to download and install on your Android device.

Additional Features:

  1. Free to download
  2. Premium unlocked
  3. Amazing graphics
  4. Best friendly interface
  5. No ads
  6. No bugs
  7. NCP
  8. Entertainment
  9. Many more.

Personal Reviews

There are many action and horror games on the internet.  But Lustful Spirit Hunt stands out as the best game in the market. You can freely download the game and enjoy it on your Android smartphone. It doesn’t contain any ads or sudden pop-ups that will stop from hunting the ghosts. So, play the game today and enjoy the party of ghosts.

How to download and install?

Now follow these steps to download the gameplay using any compatible device.

  • Click the download button on this website
  • Wait and complete the download process
  • Allow this game to run on your phone
  • Make the changes from your mobile settings
  • Tap it to finish the installation
  • Launch the game on your phone
  • Tap and play it


Summing up, Lustful Spirit Hunt APK is one of the most horrific games on the internet. It reveals stories that are historical and the characters have become ghosts. Your job is to capture the photos of ghosts and reveal them to the world. Moreover, there are many challenges in the game to complete and step ahead from on level to the next.


What kind of game is Lustful Hunt?

It is a horror game that reveals the ghost cities. You can see them vividly but you hear the crying ghosts.

Can we download Lustful Hunt on Android?

Yes, you can download the game Lustful Hunt app on your Android and enjoy the storyline.

How do you catch the ghost in the Lustful Hunt download game?

You can download the link and install its APK files from this website.

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