NIX Injector APK (New Version) v1.99 Download Free

Hey everyone! We are here again with an amazing legendary app for your mobile:  Bang Bang. So, now the time is over because today we present you the “NIX Injector” APK file and we are pretty sure that having an eye on this whole post you will be able to do such things on your mobile phone like ML skin, effects, battle effects, drone view, and many more features for free. So, just you have to follow up on this post to download this amazing app along with some installation tips.

As you all are well aware nowadays, MLBB is one of the most popular games among teens because it supports the 5V5 multiplayer battle arena playing online. This game has lots of characters and battle effects that need to be opened up either by using any ML mod or by purchasing the features. But, today we are going to present you NIX Injector which is going to be the solvent to your issue in ML. But to enjoy such features you have to download this marvelous app from this page for free to improve your MLBB gameplay experience at your fingertips.

What is NIX Injector?

NIX Injector (also famously known as N.I.X Injector) is an app for Games especially ML games which helps its users to unlock the skins, effects, drone views, and many other features for free to get more involved in their gaming experience.

This amazing app is developed by M/s Lansord NIX and is made very easy to use for everybody and we also know that any starting player of the game can even use this app without facing any kind of issues. Moreover, this latest version of Nix injector does not contain anything like passwords and all that, it has now become simpler to use. This newly updated app is full of great features and new updates so, let’s move and just check those out below:

Features of NIX Injector:

Unlock Skins

With this app, you can Unlock above 500 ML Skins, and MLBB Skins which include Marksman, Assasin, Fighter, Mage, Support, Tank, and many more. Its Skin-to-Skin option is with different Russian skin-to-skin options. Its newly painted skins are available like Chou to Eren, Aldous to Satiam, and many more others.

Unlock Effects

You can Unlock 40+recalls and also unlock 10+ respawns. It also has Free access to 11 Eliminations and you can also unlock 5 Notif Kill effects.

Drone View

This app has a backup option to reset the views and it also has the 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X which greatly works on all maps. This great app also has a Tablet View option that works with all maps.

More Menu

You can now Unlock 29+ emotes and can unlock the 18 Analog with it. This app also has the ability to unlock 10+ map views and add more it also contains background change options too.

Game Cheat

In this, you have the Auto Mythic option which just works like the Mythical Glory Injector and its Supreme Badge cool feature is also available now. Our injector contains ultra graphics Which are now extracted to smooth graphics. In addition, it also has ultra graphics which helps you get extract to medium graphics.

General Features:

Some of the general features of the app are that it has a simple UI and also a charming interface. Secondly, it supports Android 12 now. Its new updated version is now bug-free. The most good news about this app is that it has No Ads but just contains promotional links to the Youtube channel.

FAQs about NIX Injector:

1- Is it really safe to use the N.I.X Injector?

Though the developer had claimed that this was a most safe app, we never thought it would or may cause an account ban in the future or any sudden problem. Because of this perspective using any such kind of app is not safe for my account so, it will be our recommendation for you people to use this app to create a new gaming account so that you can easily get access to the above features.

2- How to use N.I.X Injector?

For using the NIX Injector you just have to follow the steps given below one by one to enjoy the coolest features of this app very easily. Firstly, you have to do is to download this injector app and install it on your mobile phone. After that, click on Launch the app and you will see the other options. Now, just select your category and you will see further sub-options. Then just click on the features you want and follow the screen. When once you reach the required options, click on the inject button and wait a while for the injection to be complete. And lastly, open up and press the start game button and enjoy your game.


In conclusion, we would love to tell you that NIX Injector is one of the best of best injector APK available here with lots of hacking options just as drone view, skin unlocks, battle effects, and many more. So, don’t waste your time and just download this app to enjoy the cracked MLBB apps for free. In the end, we
hope, you liked this post and you will share it with your many other friends on social media to approach this amazing opportunity. We would love to thank you for visiting our site and yeh keep following us for more amazing apps and other opportunities like this.

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