Girl Life APK [Latest Version] v1.0 Free Download

App nameGirl Life
GenreGames, Simulation
Size204.5 MB
Latest Version1.1

Are you looking to hunt around the town and establish a relationship with your Girl Life APK? The game invites you to participate in challenges and defeat your opposite players. Let us explore something amazing with a beautiful storyline that helps you unfold the myth and complete the challenges in a single go. There are many levels to achieve the objective in the gameplay, and you have to satisfy the emotional needs of your partner. 

The game offers premium features that are not available in the real game. Players can only use the modified version of Girl Life to unlock new challenges, competitions, and points to stay long in the game. Certain features like graphics, user-friendly interface, and themes make them more effective. You can decide whether you play the game individually or in a team. But make sure you have downloaded the latest version on Android.

What is Girl Life APK?

Girl Life APK is a game of school girl game that offers different activities of daily life. You can play the main role of the game and participate in different activities like talking to friends, making new groups, and talking to each other. Players can enjoy the costumes, new skins, and in-game coins that are easy to win in the game.

This school life game shares a beautiful story where you enjoy your life journey from the first day till the last. Playing games, wandering in the gardens, and chatting with other players. The Gaming App narrates a story of your childhood. You can become the creator of your own games as they bring colors to your characters.

Key Features of Girl Life APK:

There are many interesting features of the Girl online game. Players must know these features one by one.

Unlocked Premium Items

You can download the game and utilize the Girl Life app features just for free. There are many in-game features that are paid for in the real game but will modify your lifestyle.

Multiple Designs

The game offers beautiful costumes, new skins, and latest items to develop and customize the gameplay. It is up to the players to modify the game and play it according to their desires.

Lag-Free Game

Check the game after downloading it on your Android and iOS smartphones. People who want to enjoy their free time must download the game and pass their leisure time.

Team Up

You can team up in the Girl Life online game and complete your levels to reach the levels. There are certain tasks you have to accomplish on a daily basis and get your rewards.

Free Download

Download the Girl School Life game and create your own virtual world. Use the in-game resources and utilize them wisely.

Extra Features:

  1. Various characters
  2. Daily life activities
  3. Costumes
  4. Date and Play
  5. Complete daily chores
  6. Make friends
  7. Build relationships
  8. Take classes
  9. Create your world

Personal Reviews:

Girl Life APK opens the closed doors for youth. It is the most popular fun game on your smartphone and it helps you play the levels. Whether you want to build a new relationship or go on a date, Girl Life School games are there for you. Daily activities like getting ready for school, attending classes, and playing with your girlfriends are the main themes of Girl Life gameplay.

How to download and Install?

Play the Girl Life school game and enjoy it on your Android and tablets. Follow these tips and get the app now.

  1. Click to download the APK file
  2. Wait for a while
  3. It takes some seconds to finish
  4. Allow the app run on your device
  5. Modify the settings on your phone
  6. Tap and install the game
  7. Launch the app
  8. Open and start communicating
  9. Make friends and enjoy


While summing up the adult game Girl Life APK, we can say that it is a game of school days. You can participate in daily school life activities and chill with your girlfriends. The game allows players to dive into fascinating levels that establish emotional connections between the characters and help them enjoy their days.

Can we download Girl Life APK for free?

 Yes, download the APK files of the Girl Life app and enjoy your free time.

How to create an account in the Girl Life school game?

Tap the download link of the Girl Life app and complete the process. It is free to use from this website.

Is the Girl Life App free for iOS?

Yes, download the game on iOS devices. You can also play the game on Windows.

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